Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live from Paris

Wow!! 32 hours and going strong. I'm typing on a French keyboard...similar but not a qwerty so it's going to take a while to type this....not that you will notice. We got here at 7:30 this morning and got into the apartment to drop our luggage off. We left so it could be cl"eaned. Walked up to Saint Germain de Pres area for about 2 hours until it started to rain. I have to say that if you are rich and skinny this city has some of the most unique clothes I have ever seen. So cool. And if you have a shoe can lose your mind. It seems like every 3rd store sells shoes. After a 4 hour nap we went back out for dinner. Even though it's in the 50's, all the cafes still have people sitting outside dinning. Lou asked the waiter if the Andouy Sausage was good and he said "NO".....strange so we questioned him. All he would say is that is was special. The couple next to us leaned over and told us it was intestines. Ah...say no more...but they did. Apparently it is actually's hollow. So we ordered the scallops. Stopped into a very small bar to listen to a French jazz band and now we are ready to crash. Not a bad way to spend 32 hours.

Back after some well needed sleep;

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Donna Picione said...

Ok ..... im jealous!
Size 7 ..... lol .....

keep having fun