Monday, October 13, 2008

The Seine at night

We decided to take another boat ride but this one at night....well worth it. You look up and get a glimpse into some of the apartments. Alot of old beamed ceilings. We were also able to see many of the famous sites all lite up.

The Eiffel Tower is lite up with blue lights. On the hour the blue lights go out and it twinkles....very romantic.

This is Pont Neuf which means "New Bridge" is actually the oldest bridge in Paris. The first stone was laid in 1578. The large building is actually a department store with one of the best views of the river.

Not on the boat tour but I have been scoping out the jewelry. This is one of the stores that I found interesting and it is right across the street from the apartment.

And something to tempt your taste buds. The desserts here are amazing.

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