Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So in two days I have managed to assault two people and go brain least according to Lou. Yesterday we went out to dinner in the pouring rain but that doesn't seem to stop people here. We found a cafe that had and outdoor table available (it's 40 degrees out and raining but as long as there is an awning and heaters it doesn't stop people from eating outdoors). So we ate and drank and drank. I was pointing something out...Anne and Cris know how subtle I can be....and my hand came down hitting my fork sending it flying across two tables and hitting some guy in the leg.....desolee, desolee (sorry, sorry) I said....but he was victim number one. Today at the Louvre I found a very cool terra cotta tablet with ancient writting on it but I had to ask a clerk for help. I walked right up to her, said Bonjour, then went brain dead. I was thinking it is probably rude to ask her if she speaks English in English and on the tip of my tongue was parlez-vous anglais?...but all I did was stand there and say EEEHHHHHHHHHH. Probably very used to dealing with dumb Americans she responded with...Did you vant to zee zomething?? I started laughing...Yes Please.....brain dead. So tonight we went out to eat on the Champs Elysees...again outdoors in a crammed cafe. The waiter told us to sit at a table back in the corner. In the process of getting there I hit a handicapped man in the head with my purse....victim number two. And we still have 10 days to go :)))

We spent the day in the Louvre looking at the art from ancient Mesopotamia. We saw the Assyrian Bulls. They were beyond magnificent.

I have a number of pics of tablets with ancient writings and I found a book in English in the gift shop on the history of writing focusing on ancient alphabets, hieroglyphs, and pictograms.

Tonight after dinner we went over to the Arc de Triomphe to see it at night.

I have so many more pics but will wait until I get home to post the best.

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Karen Elmquist said...

Hahahaha!! I am visualizing the fork and laughing! At least it wasn't on fire...but as you say, you do have 10 days to go! Glad you are having fun, love ya!