Monday, September 29, 2008

Spit Shined...

well...not really. But I buffed up all the pieces that I posted last night. I really love using the 3-sided nail buffers to clean up these pieces. I only use 2 sides, but the flat surface polishes up the high points without taking the color out of the background. Plus they have some flex to them so they can go around curves.

I lost two of the rivets on this piece....the question I tack on a couple more clay rivets and refire....or leave it just as it is. The perfectionist in me wants to replace them, but if I want these to resemble artifacts then I'll leave it as is with missing rivets. What do you think?

Egyptian background. I am playing with the size of the straps....some pieces have thin straps and others have fatter ones. I am liking the thinner straps.

When we were in the Louvre last year they had numerous tablets with ancient writings. I want to check out their bookstore next week....they have a ton of see if there are any on ancient languages/writings or maybe replicas of the tablets in the museum.

This is a lentil bead.....really hefty with a lot of depth. We have a couple of cocktail glasses that I picked up at Crate and Barrel in Chicago. They have....of all things....round bottoms. When you fill them and put them on the table they actually roll around and rock back and forth. I hate them because I always think they are going to spill....but the bottoms make really great molds for lentil beads of all sizes. Again, two of the rivets are missing...what to do, what to do?

Xena, Warrior Princess battle shield or if you prefer (Cris)...nipple ring. I suppose it would be better suited for the later. It would make horrible shield because of the hole. I might have send a couple to Cris.....give Paul a thrill.

So I also confiscated something else from the liquor cabinet....besides the booze. We have a number of tall thin shot glasses that Lou was collecting at one point. They make really great molds to let these pieces dry over.

Another Eqyptian piece. The color on the back of this one is even better than the front. What looks to be shadows on either side of the beetle is actually a gun-metal gray.

Prehistoric horses like those in the Cave of Lascaux in France. Imagine being one of the few people that had an opportunity to actually see these cave drawings. They closed the cave to the public in 1963 because the presence of humans was altering the environment of the cave and destroying the drawings. I do have a book on the drawings.....I'm going to pull it out again.

A Mayan pattern. I am attracted to the patterns but I find some Mayan art very disturbing. It can be very primal and brutal. I'm a tad superstitious about using ancient figures on pieces. The rational side of me knows that something or someone only has as much power as you give it. But the irrational side of me doesn't want to accidentally use a symbol or pattern that in it's time respresented something evil. I found a really nice coffee table book on Mayan art at Borders. It was on sale for $5 so it's also part of my collection. Too bad it is about 300 pages or I would take it on vacation with me to read.


Kay (UK) said...

Wow, those came up really well. I thought I would like the heavily patinated pieces better, but I really like your first pendant, and of course the Egyptian piece.

Have a fantastic holiday, France is so nice this time of year, I'm sure you won't want to go home.

Katie said...

Love these pieces!! I especially love the Egyptian piece with the scarab - sooo cool! As for the rivets, if it were just one that fell off I would suggest replacing it. But with two off, it looks neat and adds to the 'just dug up at an archeological dig' look! I say leave them as is.