Monday, September 15, 2008


It rained all Friday / Saturday and then Sunday the winds picked up. We didn't realize that this tree had come down until we tried to go to work today. It is about a block away. It snapped off mid-way up the tree. It took out the pole and power lines. Surprisingly we still have power...must be on a different transformer. Up and down the street there are piles of branches on the tree lawns. Everybody was out cleaning up tonight when I came home.

I got so much done at work today. For once I drove home thinking that I might be able to catch up soon. And it was even sweeter driving home because I had a load in the kiln and leftovers in the refrigerator......Woo Hoo... it's the little things in life.

Pieces parts for earrings and a few pendants and an ancient warrior's shield :) The colors go from a pretty orange to a purplish red and then to yuck. This was standing upright in the carbon. The prettier colors are closer to the bottom.

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Karen Elmquist said...

Those colors are so gorgeous!
Now go to France!!!!!