Sunday, September 28, 2008

Earthy and Rusty

The carbon may be exhausting based on the colors that I am getting.....but I am really loving the earthy, rusty colors. Nothing has been cleaned up or polished. These are fresh from the kiln. I learned how to take hot metal out of the kiln from the master....Cris. The fork that Rio sells is perfect for pulling out the pan, but then I use the long tongs that I have to dig in the carbon and pull out the pieces. Crash cool in a container of water and you go from 1500 degrees to room temperature in seconds. It's really cool to see the water boil as you drop the pieces in. Of course this is all dangerous. If the pan would drop or the carbon spill out on anything flammable it would ignite and probably burn the house down. Good to keep a fire extinguisher around. As Anne knows....I'm dangerous around hot metal :))

I am so addicted to cutting holes in the pieces and then covering the holes with straps. I roll the piece out, texture it, cut it into a shape that I like and then look at it and think that something is missing....Oh needs a hole slashed into it. I'm sure at some point this will pass or evolve into something else. But for now it's my thing.

Unpolished they look alike...but underneath there are all different patterns and textures that are waiting to come out. So I've put away all the wet clay tools. Now it's time to polish, patina and assemble into finished pieces.


Katie said...

Awesome! That 'rusty' color is really neat, too. Can't wait to see them polished up.

Anne E. Mitchell said...

Gail, These are excellent! You are a bit of a risk around that which is hot. But I am willing to chance it!

Cris Leonard said...

At least she doesn't sprong saw blades in people's hair! Besides, I know she has a talisman to keep her safe!