Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm such a dork

My neighbor across the street gets jealous. He sees the UPS truck coming down the street and like a little kid he hopes it stops at his house. It stops...but the deliverys are usually for me. So I got a package from Rio today. They now have the Bronze Clay Pan Removal Fork (703203 if you want to order it). It kinda looks like Poseidon's trident, only with 2 tines. It so great because if fits exactly under the lip of the stainless steel pan that you use to fire the bronze. It seems so much safer to take the pan out of the kiln using this than trying to do a balancing act using something else. I also finally got an Optivisor. Now I don't have to wear 2 pairs of glasses when doing close-up work. Anyway.....Lou was upstairs and I came sneaking up with my Optivisor on and holding my trident doing the "Jaws" theme song. Yeah...he thinks I'm weird, even I think I'm weird sometimes. But it was least to me.

Back to putting more earrings together. I got some Niobium ear wires from Rio. They refer to the finish color as copper...they are dark brown and will go with the bronze pieces nicely.

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