Sunday, September 28, 2008

Off the Grid

Wow...I've been off the grid for a while. I had 150 grams of opened bronze to use up. I spent the weekend making pieces because I didn't want it sitting around for the next 3 weeks. So the kiln is running and I will have pieces out by 10PM. I made a number of large pendants. It will be fun to see how they turn out. I am wondering if the carbon is becoming exausted. I'll take some pics and post tonight.

We're getting ready for Paris. Holy Crap....we leave on Saturday for 2 weeks. I've never been on vacation for 2 weeks and this will be 2 whole weeks in another country. It should be interesting...if you spend 2 weeks at home there are tons of things that you spend you time doing...little things. In Paris there is no bronze clay, no jewelry to be assembled, no errands to run. The entire time will be very sensual...not in the sex sort of way....of course there is that :)) .......but without all the little distractions of everyday life in your normal habitat there is time to see, smell, hear and really experience the surroundings. There is nothing to rush off to, no pagers or phones going off, but there will be time to sit still and absorb everything around us. There will also be time to just be with each other. Lou and I really enjoy each others company but on a day to day basis we seem to fly past each other in pursuit of our jobs and past-times (he owns a martial arts studio and teaches in the evenings). In an average day we see each other about 2 hours. So this will really be a time to reconnect.

Haven in Paris has been in touch and they know when we will be arriving. The apartment is rented the night before but the occupants are being very nice and allowing us to drop off our luggage if we arrive before they leave. They will be leaving at 10AM so it should be close by the time we get a taxi from the airport. But we can't officially get into the apartment until it is cleaned. One of the HIP people will meet us and show us around the neighborhood for things like a grocery store, pharmacy, etc. So this next week we be spent tying up loose ends at work and figuring out what I will be packing for the trip. The apartment has a washer/dryer so I won't have to try to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes.

Be back later with pics


Cris Leonard said...

I hope you have a good time sweetie and stay safe :-)
I miss you! We have to talk soon.

Jen said...

Oh Gail, that looks wonderful! Can I hire you as my tour guide for next year?