Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanks Elaine..

A big thanks to Elaine for listing my site on her blog today. She is from Chicago....a city that I love...and linked to my posts from November when I was there. I wish I could get to Chicago more often than once a year. I tend to live in the Art Institute and the Field Museum when I am there. I have seen so many great exhibits over the number of years. I never hesitate to go back. A little tit for tat here....Elaines blog is one I watch on a daily basis. She seems to scour the net for entries to shows, tutorials, new tools, ....pretty much All Things Metal Clay :)) Check out her site if you haven't yet.

Thre are a number of sites that I visit daily or weekly but haven't listed as a link on my blog. Tomorrow I am going to start sharing some of these. Some you have probably heard of but maybe I can direct you to some others that I think are cool.

So we hooked up the Wii tonight and we bowled, golfed, played baseball and tennis. It's fun. And it gets your butt up off the coach and moving. Not excessively...but more than I am usually do in the evening. I want to look into the Wii fit to see if it can get me back into exercise.

Back tomorrow.


Cris Leonard said...

Providing links on our sites to other artists sites whom we admire is such a supportive thing to do for each other. Very generous!

Elaine said...


And yes, the Wii Fit is lots of fun, I've tried it at a friend's house, definitely counts as exercise!