Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sue's Backside

So yesterday during lunch all I could see was Sue's ginormous backside. By Sue....I mean Sue the T. Rex at Chicago's Field Museum. She is the largest, most complete T. Rex discovered yet. 42 feet long and 13 feet high....that's one chic you don't want to mess with. Her head alone is 5 feet long.

But the big draw for me was the Aztec exhibit. It was well worth the time. Rather than focus on human sacrifice...which did occur, they focused on other aspects of their society like farming, arts, their warriors and high priests. It was interesting to see that pregnant women were considered the equivalent of a male warrior. A successful birth was considered the same as taking a captive in battle. A woman who died in childbirth was compared to men who died in battle and their spirits were believed to accompany the sun on its way towards sunset. They did cover the bloodier side of life. They brought home captives to be sacrificed to maintain harmony in the universe but when they captured villages they let the farmers live so they could help provide for the empire. Growing up on a farm...I thought that was interesting.

The capital city of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan, was where Mexico City now lies. The National Cathedral in Mexico city lies on the central square of Tenochtitlan. The majority of the ruins of the Aztec empire still lie beneath the modern day city and are still waiting to be discovered.

So I scoured the exhibit for patterns and texture. There were a couple of ceramic molds and stamps. I stood there and drooled over them....If only I could just have them for a few days....PLEASE :))

But I did manage to find a top to wear on New Year's Eve while I was there. I think it will go quite well with my black jeans and gold stilettos. I hope it doesn't pinch.


Cris Leonard said...

My god, you are such a freak and I love you more than I love my luggage!

meesh said...

it's a boobie license plate!

love you love you!