Monday, December 29, 2008

Artist Spotlight...Richard Salley

I have a thing for found object art. Although I don't make it much, I am really drawn in by it. That's probably why I love Kazmer so much. But I ran across Richard Salley a while ago. Check out his website....especially the tutorial on his site. I truely am a geek because I love to study pictures of how things get put together. There is usually an AHA moment when you see the metal staples he uses....and you realize you can put this to use in other pieces.

Hey Katie.....he does workshops. What d'ya think???


Cris Leonard said...

Hey! We have to get together on this class thing. Email me to let me know what you're thinking.

SueB383 said...

What awesome eye candy!! My problem is that I always check this stuff out at work and I sit here at my desk, head filled with ideas just itching to get home, but when I finally do get home, i'm too tired to create anything ... i'll have to look at this on the weekend when I can dash into my studio straightaway!! :)

Katie said...

I think his stuff is awesome and we should talk to him about a workshop!! Wow! His tutorial gave me several Aha! moments. Really cool jewelry, too!