Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life Never Fails to Disappoint...

and neither does greed, politics and bureaucracy. Last year Cris and I took a class from quite possibly the worst teacher I have ever had. No...that's not true....she WAS the worst teacher I have ever had. Take a look at my list of favorite teachers over on the right and you will know where the bar lies. Anyway...we did let the organization know what a horrible experience we had....teacher left the room multiple times, was gone for about an hour, equipment didn't work, supplies were in horrible shape, and the teacher for the most part laughed it off.....SKANK. This year's classes have been announced and guess what....did they remove that class for the list, did they remove her as a teacher....NOOOOOOO. They expanded the class to 2 days...OMG. I pity anyone who takes that class....what a waste. The best I can figure is there is more interest in making money than upholding standards. Greed and politics win out as they usually do.


Katie said...

And don't that just SUCK?!?!!
On the other hand, I'm very excited about some of the classes that I'm planning to sign up for. Some of my favorite teachers - as well as yours! I'm hoping to get into one of Ann Mitchell's classes (on your recommendation) as well as Celie Fago's and maybe one of Robert Dancik's... haven't decided yet.
How about you?? Which classes are you thinking about?

Cris Leonard said...

You said it sister!