Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You know you have a fever when.....

you walk outside into 10 degree weather and you think it feels wonderful. It felt wonderful today. I wanted to lay my face down on my ice cold car. I have a cold and all the wonderful symptoms that come with it....headache, runny nose, itchy eyes, fever, sneezing, congestion ... oh the joy of it all. I need to get rid of this before next Tuesday when I go to Bead Fest in Santa Fe. There I will catch up with Cris, Anne, Jill, Meesh, Stephanie, Gail and a few others. I'm not signed up for any classes. I'm just going to hang, relax, shop, help the girls in their booths, eat good food and generally have a good time. It actually will be fun to have tons of time to shop the booths. Not that I need anything...but you never know what will catch our eye.

The last time I went to Bead Fest in Santa Fe...a few years back...I bought tons of silver. I didn't want to pack it in my suitcase so I put it in my backpack. When it went through the x-ray machine about 6 TSA agents came over. They quickly asked me to step into a side room. So quickly that Lou didn't see what had happened. I told them what was in the pack and after a quick look they were satisfied. Meanwhile, Lou was out in the concourse trying to find me. I had just disappeared. Poor boy was getting worried.

I have a few pieces of copper to finish up and fire. Pics later this week.


Katie said...

Poor Gail! There is a nasty cold virus going around that most people in my office have had - some twice! Thankfully, I haven't caught it (and hope not to!). Take a day off and stay in bed, drink lots of fluids, eat lots of vitamin C and if that doesn't work, do good drugs. ;-) Feel better soon.

Colleen J. Stella said...

Hope you beat that thing real soon! Take care of yourself. I use Zycam, really works for me. Maybe it's worth a try?