Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 new additions to the family

We finally did it....adopted two cats. We went down to the APL today and decided on older cats. They had a pair of 7 month old kittens but I thought they would have a better chance of getting adopted over a couple of 7 year old cats. So we brought Sprite and Diesel home.

They were both from the same home. Apparently the family that had them for the past 7 years just had a baby and Sprite was acting up so they took them to the APL. They have been there for about a month. Even though they were in a connected cage I am getting the impression that they just tolerate the presence of each other.

This is Sprite. She is adventurous. Within the first hour she had been all through the house. And then proceeded to jump on every counter and desk. I forgot what it was like to have younger cats that can jump. She is really loveable.....which may subside. Right now neither one can get enough attention. Sprite has no problem jumping into our laps and taking over. Right now she is curled up in a ball next to me while I'm on the computer. I wonder what it must feel like for them to be in a place that is warm, cozy, and people pay attention. Lou thinks she's ugly but loveable. I think she looks cool.

This is Diesel who has become Ben Diesel....a take off Vin Diesel. Lou has always said his name wrong on purpose to make me laugh. So we now have Ben Diesel the cat. He is a bit skittish. He spent the first 30 minutes behind the refrigerator and the next 3 hours under the bed. I thought taking him up to the bedroom to see his "sister" might help him. That's when I realized that they don't necessarily like each other. They'll sit in the same room together but won't sit next to one another. Ben is upstairs in my workroom right now asleep under my chair.

It's great having these two in the house but I forgot what it was like to have cat hair all over everything and cat litter to clean up. It's a good with the bad type of thing.


Katie said...

They're ADORABLE!!! Ben reminds me of my kitty, King. Oh what fun to have furry bundles of love in the house.

Cris Leonard said...

Lou is wrong. She's beautiful.