Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love Sana Fe. This is my 9th trip….first time without Lou…this is an all girls trip. We had a great dinner at The Shed last night. Anyone who loves Santa Fe knows about The Shed….a wonderful little restaurant serving New Mexican style food….hot…very hot. It has been great to get back with the girls. We were looking over the bead stash that Gail Crosman Moore has brought in for her classes and the beads that Stephanie Sersich and Michele Goldstein brought in for their booths. I’ve also been scoping out the jewelry and findings that Cris is going to sell. Once the booth gets set up I post some pics of her pieces.

Today Cris, Anne and I walked about the town. Our first stop was a salvage yard…yep a salvage yard where I could have spent all day. They have salvage doors, wirework, furniture, frames, mirrors, archways….really cool stuff. We weren’t suppose to take pictures…they had signs…but I couldn’t help it. This stuff is so awesome….old wood, metal straps, and rivets….which I love. I would love to gut my house and put some of this stuff in it.

Cris at the salvage yard.

This door had some really cool wirework in the panels.

I loved this door pull.

This is a grill in a door. The pieces connecting the circles are great cold connections...they are actually large staples.

Another very cool door.

This is grillwork in front of a panel that opens see who your visitor is.
More doors.

And as Anne said....this is were bad doors go. Lock them up in chains.

These are carved pieces of wood.

My favorite pic...check out the metal strap and rivets.

More straps and rivets.

This was a fantastic piece of metal work. It had a great blue patina on it that didn't really come through on the picture.

We meandered through the rest of the town stopping in various stores looking at art work and jewelry. We stopped in Overland to try on leather jackets and model hats. You have to hop over the Cris’s blog to see a hat she made me model. They so abuse me :)…but I manage to abuse back. We stopped in to O’Farrell’s where they make hats. Anne modeled quite a few.

This was a couryard that had a rock formation. If you look close there is a little stuffed cat in the formation.

A trip to Santa Fe isn’t complete without scoping out the jewelry at Ortega’s and Packards. It’s beautiful…a bit expensive…but so unique.
More tommorrow.

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