Sunday, March 8, 2009

300 Bling....

We are watching the movie "300". It's totally a guy movie...war, blood, guts. But it does have a couple of things that are grabbing my attention...buff bodies and metal. There is a lot of metal...weapons, shields, and body metal. The antagonist, Xerxes, even has chain mail underwear. But he has the greatest head/face piece that is different metal chains and forged pieces. The Persian use animals to help them battle the least in the movie. There is a scene with a charging rhinocerous. Even the rhino has bling. I would love to be turned lose in a room filled with all the metal and bling that they have in this movie....and I wouldn't mind if some of those buff bodies were there too :)))

I have a load of copper in the kiln. I wanted to fire up the pieces that I made with the new tear-aways. I should have pics later tonight.

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