Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to work...

I would say back into the swing of things...but I'm just not that into work this week. Cris tired me out in Santa Fe. What a great time that was. It was good to catch up with everyone and spend some concentrated time with Cris. Girl....I don't think I've spent that much time with Lou lately. There were some great moments on this trip.

First there was Seret and Sons...a spectacular place. Part salvage yard, part furnishings, part rugs. I could have spent hours...there was so much so see. And The Shed..a great New Mexican restaurant. Another one of my favorties is Los Mayas. My mouth is watering just thinking about these places. The food is excellent. I found a really cool pair of boots at Overland. They have them on-line. I just don't know if I want to spend the money. Probably not. I'm making progress in paying my bills off...well maybe not after this trip...but I suppose I don't need a pair of boots right now.

The bead show was interesting. It was a split venue...tables at the Hilton and booths at the Convention Center. A little strange. It would be much better to have all vendors in one spot but I don't think they have anything that large in Santa Fe. Other than Cris's both...this is the only picture of a booth that I took. There was some interesting people watching at the shows. There was one man who was a combination of Elton John and Mr. Clean...all in white with multiple strands of giant clear stones around his neck, silver metallic bag, and pointed white patent leather heeled ankle boots. Cris got a picture of him. Maybe she will post this soon.

Doing a show is exhausting and I was only doing it part-time. I felt bad that Cris didn't get a break from the show. But those of us who do shows without help know how that feels. I tried to get her the leave the booth and look around but she wanted us to go together. Since there was nobody to take over the never happened.

So here's a bit of a brush with celebrity. Ali McGraw stopped at Steph and Meesh's booth. Funny part was....they didn't know who she was. Every girl wanted to be her in the 70's....long dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin that maked her look perpetually tanned. The "love means never having to say your sorry" girl. Steph and Meesh not knowing her makes me feel old. Ali McGraw will be 71 this year.

So Cris at one point had proclaimed that she had lost the will to live at the show. Her choice of clothes below clearly illustrates this. Now I wouldn't post these pics but she made me put on a big leather doofus hat and posted the pic on her blog so I think this pic is payback. And Cris....make sure your sister Jamie see this pic. I love the first picture below....not only for her wonderful fashion sense...but the laughter. This pictures typifies the two of us together. We never seem to stop laughing. I went back to work this week and everyone wanted to know if I had a cold. No...I'm just hoarse from laughing for 7 days straight.

And to complete the ensemble, Cris had doned a black pair of Ugs and a bathrobe. Que Bella!!

I came back to a nice surprise. I have been accepted into Art by the Falls sponsored by the Valley Art Center in early June. My first time doing this particular show. This show will start off the season for me. I'm still waiting to hear back from the others.


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Cathy said...

Hey congrats on Art by the Falls! They put on a good show! Tho I gotta say that the porta-pots leave a little to be desired–but that's "show" biz ;-)
I'm taking a break from that circuit... got some more gallery irons in the fire (yea!)