Friday, March 20, 2009

Better Booty Pics

:)) Imagine the hits that title will get on a search engine :))

Fossilized Turtle Shell. This is so cool. I'll be making a mold of this.

Bali Coral. Another mold. The texture is really great.

These are dogon trade beads. They originated in Europe in the mid 1800's - early 1900's and were used for trade in Africa. Due to the popularity of these beads, traders are having to go deeper into Africa to find these.

These old brass rings were once used as currency by the Yoruba in Africa. They are braided onto a leather belt and were traded this way. These were individually made from the ancient lost wax method of casting. They are nicely detailed and a great patina.

Another set of African beads with an amazing patina. This strand has a couple of bells on it.

Various other pieces that I thought were inspiring.

I'll be back later.

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