Monday, March 9, 2009

Pennies for the New World

I am using a new set of tear aways based on ancient coins. I made them in a number of sizes so I could make earrings and pendants. The earrings are the size of pennies. Lou keeps on telling me if the economy were based on metal and glass beads we'd be all set.

I was having a hard time getting some decent color from the copper tonight so I didn't labor over it. I just let them age a little.

The one on the right didn't come out so great. When I made the smallest tear aways I put three images in a row so I could make multiple coins with one roll of the clay. But I think I need to make a better tear away for the image below.

This is a larger size. The image is a tracing from an ancient Parisii coin. The Parisii were a tribe of Celts who lived on the Ile de la Cite around 2000 BC. Ile de la Cite is one of the two islands in the middle of the Seine in Paris.

The pendants need to be worked a bit to make them look better....better color and polish them up a bit more. But overall I'm thrilled with the new images.

I'm off to Santa Fe tomorrow. I'm taking the computer so I can post. Talk to you soon.

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