Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enough Already...

Between now and tomorrow night we are suppose to get 11-17" of snow. I know that I live in Cleveland and this is Janaury....but enough. I'm am sick of snow, cold, and short days. I would work at home tomorrow except I am interviewing a job applicant in the morning.

The good news is that I got my bronze today...2 kilos...Woo Hoo!! I sat here and hugged it for about 5 minutes....hee hee. I also ordered some other stuff and it was all boxed up so it's been like Christmas opening up all these little boxes. I ordered a pair of mini ice cream scoops. They are for wax carving and there are four different size scoops on the two tools. I want to see what they will do on both wet and dry clay. The edges seem pretty sharp so I'm curious if they will cut into the dry bronze clay. I also got some niobium ear wires for the bronze earrings. I was wearing a pair at work the other day that had brass ear wires and one ear started to get really irritated. So I decided that I am only going to use the niobium from now on since they are hypo-allergenic. I have had a number of customers ask about the ear wires. It's just easier to use something hypo-allergenic so customers don't have a problem.

So I probably won't have a chance to rip into the clay until Thursday. I don't expect to get home from work early tomorrow. When there are really bad snow storms....the streets around the hospital tend to get grid locked at about the time I want to come home. One year the streets were so locked that I stayed until 10PM when the cars finally started moving. It's better to sit in my office than in my car. I ended up with 8 people in my office sitting around talking.

But be ready for pics over the weekend...I'm thinking some lentils with big gaping rips in them :)) I'm still not done with the patch straps and faux rivets.


Katie said...

Be really careful driving home, no matter when it is. The roads are nasty-bad! We closed at 11:30 but I never went in this morning. Called in sick.. I'M SICK OF THIS DAMN WINTER!!!
Srsly.. be careful.

meesh said...

i think this means you should come to puerto vallarta with us!

come on!

it's going to be fun! and warm! and good for your soul!

i am going to lead a guerilla art adventure one of the days and document it in photographs. doesn't that sound wonderful?

love you!

Cris Leonard said...

Be safe crazy girl! I need you intact for June!