Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colors from the Kiln

I'm always amazed....every the colors on the bronze when it's fired in coal based carbon. 

There were two layers in the kiln pan.  The tan pieces were on the top layer.  The best colors always come from the bottom layer.  These pieces are thick too.  I wasn't rolling them out.  Just making balls or snakes and pressing them in between the tablet and the mold.  Varing the pressure gave different thicknesses and sizes. 

Here's a pic that shows the bas-relief and sunken relief of the different sides of these pieces.  I'm loving these.  I have to admit as I was making these I thought I was having a genius moment .... LOL .... well ... maybe not genius ... but at least a moment.  A good moment!!!

I have more pieces in the studio to prep.  These were just the pieces I got into the kiln before I went to bed last night.

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