Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready for the kiln

One batch ready for the kiln.  I have at least one, maybe two others.  All in all it was a productive weekend.  Since we didn't have plans the entire weekend was spent doing whatever I wanted.  I love weekends like this.  And it was a long weekend which made it even better!!! 

Friday I finished up some of my tear-aways, Saturday I cut out the basic shapes I needed, and today I put things together.  I was sanding and using slip all day long.....the dreaded "S" words.  With bronze you might be able to get away without sanding but if you want to join two pieces you have to use slip.  "Squidging" them together doesn't work...there's another "S" word.

As soon as the dryer gets done running I will load up the kiln.  They are on the same curcuit so I don't run them at the same time.



Lore said...

They are beautiful !
Love the square on the right.

Gail said...

Thanks Lore!!