Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review: Jewelry Design Challenge

Jewelry Design Challenge: 10 Materials * 30 Artists * 30 Spectacular Projects (Lark Jewelry Books)

Actually the full title is Jewelry Design Challenge: 10 Materials * 30 Artists * 30 Spectacular Projects.  A first pass through this book and I am in heaven.  This is my type of jewelry.  Mixed metals with that a funky, hip edge to them.  When I looked down the list of artists.....some of my favorties just jumped out.  Thomas Mann (whose work I have loved for about 20 years), the charming Robert Dancik, Sara Westermark, Bob Ebendorf, the wonderful Mary Hettsmansperger, Deb Karash, Tim McCreight, Eric Silva, Joanna Goldberg, Sara Hood, and these are just the ones I recognized.  There are 20 more great artists (who I plan to become more familiar with).

The artists were allowed to add one wild card material to the piece which really allowed their individual styles to come through.  And each artists has included a sidebar on what their thinking was in making their piece.  This has definetely become one of my favorite books....if just for the eye candy.  But it is so much more...instructions and even some templates in the back. 

P.S.  Amazon has it right now for $14.93.  That's a steal for this book!!!


Vickie Hallmark said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I need a new book for entertainment, so this sounds perfect.

Gail said...

Hi Vicki...I think you will like it. The day I got it...I spent all night looking through it. I want to try some of the projects.