Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Pendants

After a quick polish, here are some of the pendants.  I still have to clean them up a bit around the faux riviets.  I have another batch in the kiln right now.  I won't get to see them until tomorrow night.

The pendant on the left still needs some work.  I drilled three small holes down the side so I can rivet on some washers....mixing ancient and industrial.  As I drive to work each day I go through an old industrial section of Cleveland.  There are sections of elevated rail for trains to bring in raw materials.  I am constantly looking at the riveting on the supports.  I really want to get out and take some pics but it's not a good neighborhood.  The pendant on the upper right will be used as a base for a glass bead. 

All in all the tear-aways came out nicely.  I do think I want to try etching some copper plates with these designs so I will have something with a slightly deeper cut.