Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pouting Buddah

I wore the two of these together today. The bottom piece is 24" and was made from a drawing I did on Scribbler. I added a garnet drop. It swings back and forth when I move and makes a soft jingling noise. The top one is 18" and I've renamed him to Pouting Buddah and he has that great deep red color to match the garnet. I think I'm gonna have to keep these two.

The Pouting Buddah is perfect right now. That's my mood at work. I'm having an issue. I can't be promoted because rankings at my level are based on the size of your department and budget. So no matter how good I am at my job or how many extra projects I take on for the Institute at large...and I take on a lot of extra projects... I can only advance if I take a position with another department. I can never understand why employeers put people in this position. I've been with the department for 13 years so I won't be leaving. But I also won't be taking on extra projects anytime soon....Why Bother? I will get over this and go back to being my over-acheiving self...but for right now I'm not happy...I'm pouting...LOL.

I will be wearing Pouting Buddah everyday for a while....because it will make me laugh.

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Katie said...

I like Pouting Buddha... much more fun that Smiling Buddha, who always looks like he's laughing AT you. Pouting Buddha is a friend, a co-commiserator. I think I need a Pouting Buddha, too!