Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy Buddha...although he doesn't look to happy. I think I'm going to dome the discs a bit. He looks a little too flat on the top and bottom. Maybe then he'll be happier.

A couple of resin pieces. I think I made these about 2 years ago but never put them into jewelry.

This was the disc I was drilling. I put the 4 side holes in when I made the piece but then decided to use it in a different way so I drilled one hole and decided I wanted a second hole. Two days later when I was done drilling :) I put the piece together.


Lore said...

I love them all !!!!!
the resin pieces are gorgeous !

Narrative jewelry said...

Gail, you make my day, those pendants are so lovely, are they bronze too or brass ? Too many questions, but... Did you solder the bezels yourself ?

And the result of the bronze piece you were drilling is just perfect, love the way you combine it with turquoise. Nice colors.


Katie said...

Cool stuff! I remember seeing those resin pieces before - love 'em! And your bronze piece was worth the drilling - very cool! Party on!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Love that you share your and old!



Gail said...

Thanks Ladies!! The pendants are bronze. The bezels...came from the fabulous Susan Lenart Kazmer.