Monday, October 12, 2009


I am busy assembling jewelry. Pulling pieces parts together. Bronze pendants, chain, gemstones, glass beads. I zone out when I'm doing this...because I enjoy it. I'm such a messy person. My desk becomes one huge pile of stuff and I end up digging through piles to find what I'm looking for. It not unusual for me to spend a few minutes looking for something .... just to find it's right in front of me. What's up with that? Why can't my brain see it the first time I look? I guess it's like finding Waldo. All the bronze pieces parts are roughly the same color so as I scan the desk I look right over it. It's so frustrating.

I need to become more methodic. Keep all gemstones on the left side, all glass beads on the right, all findings in their bags in a box and all pendants in another box. Ah...but what fun would that be. It's my fate to work in organized chaos. I'm like that at work too. Paperwork in stacks all over my desk....somewhat organized but chaotic. About twice a week I gather up all the papers into a stack and resort and organize and start making a mess all over again. I guess a leopard doesn't change it's spots.

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Katie said...

Don't fret -- it's part of the creative process to work in organized chaos! I do the same thing. I store everything very neatly and in their own boxes but when I start putting things together, it all ends up a jumbled mess on the bench. It is how we create!

p.s. my desk at work sounds like your, too!