Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Industrial Furniture

Do you like industrial furniture. Check out Le Grenier. I am drooling. I wish I could pull larger pics from this site but I can't. The downside...they are in northern France. I've been looking for industrial salvage places around Cleveland...I don't know why...I don't have any room in the house. But it would be fun to see what's out there.

These two pieces are on my wish list. A large cabinet to hold all sorts of tools and pieces parts.
And a good hefty work bench

A girl can dream :))


Anonymous said...

oooh, I like those too!

Katie said...

I went to the site and saw about 30 things I wanted! Of course, about 15 of them are already sold... I say we grab our credit cards and head to France!!!

Elaine said...

Try Salvage One in Chicago.