Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now I understand....

why they call it the Windy City. We got here yesterday and it is the only day that we had to spend together. So we walked around...saw this great statue and right there on the street was a mounted weakness....

....horses....I had the chance to go scratch his head. He must have liked it because he lowered his head so I could keep doing it. I grew up with horses but I haven't been around them since I was 16...but I still feel very comfortable around them. I have no qualms walking right up and petting them. The downside of my little love session with the horse was my hand smelled really...horsey. So we had to find a place where I could wash up. We stopped in to Bistro 110, some place I always stop at for a nice little lunch and a few drinks....

We walked around a bit and then went to dinner at Ballo. Excellent restaurant with huge portions!!! I ate too much. We walked around the city. It is all decorated up for the holidays...even the high rise condos.

This is marina city. We are staying just across the street from it. There is an art store in the lobby of the Westin and they have this amazing wire dress in the window. It is so delicate. It looks like a fairy dress.

Yesterday was a nice day but today was totally winter. Rain, sleet, snow and wind. But I went out anyways. I walked over to Bloomingdale's home store. It is in what used to be an old Shriner's Temple. It's a great building with onion domes at the two corners and stained glass windows all around. The domes are a feature seen on many religious buildings in Eastern Europe. I went in mostly to see the features of the building. There is a great dome in the center of the store on the third floor. The store itself is really nice. If I were rich I would be able to decorate my house very well. They have some beautiful pieces of furniture. These were on top of an entertainment unit. I can't figure if they are decorations or weapons or both.

Monday is suppose to be snowy so I will do something indoors. Probably the art museum. I usually spend my time looking at the impressionist, but this time I will be looking at the eastern art...looking for more inspiration for texture sheets.

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Elaine said...

Love the wire dress and sculpture! I'm local, but I hadn't seen those.

And, you may know, the origin of the term windy city has to do with long-winded politicians, and was originally intended as an insult!

Today's Monday and it sure is snowy!

Hope the rest of your trip is great!