Monday, November 17, 2008

The Show

Here are some views of my booth. Once I got the tent and tables up...I realized I needed something on the walls so I ran out and bought some sheer curtains to place in the corners with sunflowers accents and a large mirror. I then realized that my walls were extremely wrinkled, but I didn't have the time to do anything about them. I wonder how many customers noticed...or were the just looking at the jewelry. After sitting in the booth for a day I decided that I will make floor length light beige sheers for the walls and accent them with a darker green in the corners with some type of wrought iron accents to hold the corner curtains in the center. But overall, I thought it looked good...if I don't say so myself :)

I found some $5 elephant trays at Pier 1 to display some of the bronze necklaces. A few people commented on how nice they showed off the bronze....and if I got hungry I could cook the beans.

All in all the show was OK. This is my second show since the economy tanked and most people are being very careful about what they spend their money on. All the artists I talked to were down in sales. I am fortunate that I have a day job. The artists that do this as a sole source of income are hurting. A number of them are talking about getting jobs.

What I love about doing these shows is the people that you get to meet. Because this was a 3-day show, there was lots of time to get to know the artists around me. They were all great. The last 2 hours of the day the show seemed to we all stood out in the aisle talking to one another.

The bronze sold fact almost exclusively. I sold all my earrings and a number of necklaces. I now have to make earrings for this Sunday's show. Since I have to open a 100 g pack I will also make more pendants. I had a number of men come in and look at the bronze and one little boy was so enamored by them his mother bought him one for Christmas. He put it on....and it looked good. I think as long as it isn't a girly type of design the necklaces could be worn by both men and women. I had a discussion with one man about the designs on the necklaces and he suggested that I look into Mayan glyphs....which I already planned on. He recommended a good website to find authentic glyphs.

I am looking forward to the shows being over so I can do some research on new designs and work up some new pieces. But first I think I will sleep for a couple of days. I am so tired.


Katie said...

Booth looks great. Wonderful that you sold a lot of bronze!! Wanted to get over to see you but caught myself a doosy of a cold instead.
Check out for some cool Mayan glyphs (and other neat languages).

meesh said...

looks good cute friend!

i get so tired of the "if you get hungry you can eat the beans" comment! or i love it when they say you and the rice person could make dinner tonight!

thinking of you!

love you!