Saturday, November 15, 2008

For Lou......

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

When I saw this pictures I had to recaption it and post if for Lou. Now if he would just read my blog he might see it. Isn't that funny....all the things I write in this blog and he has never read it.

The show was slow today...for everyone. All the vendors are hoping that the weekend will be better. Although people seemed to be spending money at the Fabulous Food Show. Two women came in from Nebraska to see Guy Fieri (the Friday's guy). Besides the airfare and hotel, they paid $30 dollars to get into the show and then another $150 each to see him. We kept hearing people screaming and applauding...I kept thinking... "they are only chefs....what's the big deal?" But I guess it is all about your passion. They are hot for famous chefs.

Speaking of hot...I have a new respect for onions. Thanks to Anne for her poem about the onion. I never knew they could be so......erotic!

More later

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Jennifer said...

Hi Gail! Love your new work. Very rustic and super cool! I had those women from Nebraska in my booth too. At least they were one of the few FROM the food show clientele that actually bought something. See you next Sunday!