Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pretty Maids All in a Row....

Some of the earrings I prepped for Sunday's show. Her name is Athena. I didn't name her. A very nice gentleman who was at the By Hand show gave her the name. He wanted to know where her image came from and I told him he would be disappointed when he found's a mold of a button. But he liked then just the same. He bought his wife a pair.

More earrings...hoops with various textures.

This piece split in the kiln and everyone kept telling me how great it was. I added one of Meesh's bone beads.

A zen snowman :)

I am looking forward to getting this show over with. The house is a wreck. I need to clean it from top to bottom. You know things are bad when I look forward to cleaning. I also have some e-mails to answer. If I haven't gotten back to you yet....I will after this show.

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