Thursday, May 29, 2008


I leave town on Saturday for the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Sitting in my office today, it was very clear there are things that just aren't going to get done before I return. The big goal is to get 2 grants off my desk by tomorrow, but other than that....I am starting to have clarity when I look at my stack of work. There is nothing like an up coming vacation to make your priorities clear. As I got through the stack it is easy to say nope, no, never, nada, anthing that is not going to get done before I leave. I love doing that. With each folder that I toss on the "when I get back" stack the weight of the world starts falling off my shoulders. So I'll have a week to enjoy that feeling before becoming Atlas again.

Unfortunately I don't have that clarity about packing for the trip. I have one whole suitcase full of tools. That is just about packed. I have a couple of loads of laundry to do before I start packing clothes. Not that my wardrobe is anything jeans, black t-shirts, a few jackets and some sandals. But I have a tendency to clean house as I pack. I have to leave things neat before I leave.


Patricia said...

It's still a bit chilly here Gail, especially at night. Bring some shoes girl! All so looks like it's going to be rainy.
You going to meet the teachers?
I am. I can't wait to buy another Marcia DeCoster kit.
OMG my hearts palpitating just writing this!
Hope you have a great time I know I will!

Gail said...

Hi Patricia,

I am working at Michele Goldstein's booth on Thursday. Stop by so we can meet.