Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Joys of Being a Woman

Ahh...the joys of being a woman. I had my squish-o-gram done today. This is my term for a mammogram. It's the one preventative procedure that women go through that is quick and least I think so. This nice girl....always a female tech... has to manipulate your boobs in between 2 plates and then squish them. It literally takes your breath away. I've had techs say "hold your breath" while they take the image.....What Breath???. At my hospital the images are now digital rather than film. I could see the images after she took them on a screen in the room. And they looked huge up on the screen :))

When you are old enough to get this's like you've joined an exclusive club. When I had my first one a few years ago my mother sent me mammogram cartoons and friends e-mailed me jokes. And you can't explain it to younger's just something you have to experience.

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