Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paris is On!!

I have found an apartment in Paris in the Saint Germain area. It won't have any grand views as it is on the ground does have it's own private garden. It has a patio with lounge chairs and a table and the bedroom is on the other side of the garden. The garden is treated as another living area. So I booked it. We will be going the beginning of October for 2 weeks. I don't think that I have ever been away for 2 whole weeks. This will be an experience. I don't imagine we will be bored :)) There is sooooo much to do in Paris. There were so many things that we didn't get to do last year. I want to see Versailles and send an entire day at the Marche aux Puce (flea market/antique market) in Saint Ouen.

Ah but that is months away and I have the B&B conference coming up the first week in June. I can't wait to see my friends Cris and Michelle. It is so much fun to meet up every year. Once I get back I have the Hathaway Brown Show in Shaker Heights. It will be a very busy month. Once the HB show is over I can get back to design work and just generally taking care of things that get pushed aside when you get ready for a show.

I have tons of things to do so I'm back later

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Katie said...

Next time you're thinking of going to Paris and need an apt, let me know. My older sister know a bunch of people in Paris as she's been going there several times a year for many years (and plans to retire there). Also my younger sister now has a connection and is staying in an apt when she and her family go for Christmas (ah, Christmas in Paris!)

As for the firescale on your copper, why not email Mary Hetts about it? she being the expert and all...

Missed you at the meeting yesterday. Bob was good, gave us lots of ideas on how to begin thinking about design.

See you at B&B if not before!