Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Earrings

In the final week of preparing for my show.  I made another 20 paris of earrings. 

I think I have to reconsider this last pair.  The look really out of balance in the picture.  The quartz at the bottom looks huge.  But it might be the angle. 

I'm glad it's a three-day weekend.  I get an extra day to work in the studio.  Lou loves it when I work in the studio....he doesn't have to feel guilty about golfing. 

Later Gators!!!


Cris Leonard said...

Nice quartz. It looks at least 2000 years old!

Karen Elmquist said...

These are lovely. On my second look I noted the BEST typo..

"I made another 20 paris of earrings."

We can tell where your mind is!!

Gail said...

I saw the typo too!!! Funny

Anonymous said...

I lust your lickable beads! How dare you tease us this way. They are so yummy! Where did you find such a find?

Hope you are having a great summer!



Gail said...

Hi Tonya, Bead Paradise which is a very cool bead store about 30 minutes from me is the source. Ebrima and Ruth have a booth at Bead and Button every year and I picked them up at their booth at B&B