Saturday, June 5, 2010

Arrived in Milwaukee

A seven hour drive was both long...while doing it...and short now that I'm here.  Cris is a couple hours behind so I had a chance to unpack and shower.  Now I'm in the bar drinking a Long Island and relaxing.  Watching everyone arrive.  I saw Katie come through the door but she headed upstairs to register and didn't see me.  There is a very long line at registration and it's open for another 3 I opted for the drink to let the line go down. 

I've already been an idiot.  Tried to get online and had to call the front desk.  You have to enter you last name and room number.  Apparently I thought my room was on the 4th floor when it is on the 6th floor.  If you know me....I started that maniacal laughter I have....I'm such an idiot.  I'm sure he thought so too!!

OH..Yeah.  While unpacking....I unpacked what I thought was a pair of low black flats...turns out I grabbed one black flat and one black heeled loafer.  Again....maniacal laughter.  It's good that I can amuse myself.

Tomorrow is the glass casting class.  It lasts two days.  There will be a lot of girls in there that I know.  It should be fun!!!

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Katie said...

GF! you should have yelled to me! tho I couldn't have joined you for long as I was parked in front of the hotel but staying at the Hilton! I just parked to run up and register (and wait in line for 40 minutes to do so!). You were smart to get a drink and wait. Next year I'll join you at the bar! ;-)