Monday, December 21, 2009

Warehouse Shows

Saturday's show was fun. Artists from Cleveland and Pittsburgh came together at The Screw Factory for the day. The traffic through the show was great. It was a diverse age group for both artists and buyers.

It was a great old factory and the artists studios were great.

I set up the booth a little a V shape. It worked out nice. I think I'm going to try this at my next summer show.


Anonymous said...

love the v-shape idea!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Nice booth, Gail!
Those are fab lights -- mind sharing where you got them (not that I'm buying new until mine die!)?

Gail said...

Thanks Girls. The lights came from They are called telescopic lights. You can change the height and the head bends to where you want it. A little expensive but I love them and I get alot of comments on them.

Katie said...

Really like the v-shape booth! It's like a reverse arrow drawing people in. Gives the illusion of a bigger display area, too. Great idea!