Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home from Paris

It's good to be home. Especially when you have two little fur balls following you around the house. When we first got home they were a little pissy. It only took Ben 15 minutes to decide he was glad we were home. Sophie took an hour. She sat in the middle of the living room but wouldn't look at either of us. She finally gave in and has been at my side ever since.

I took an extra day off to recover. The flight back from Paris was 8.5 hours. I felt horrible coming off that plane. The second flight to Cleveland was easy...especially since it wasn't full. We got to stretch out. I slept 12 hours last night.

Today I have been going through the pictures and doing laundry. So I'm pulling out pictures to blog about.

Here is the first set. The are views from the apartment...which I would highly recommend. Haven in Paris has great apartments and really great people to take care of you. We never had to worry about a thing. This apartment is in the Latin Quarter and looks directly down onto the ruins of the Gallo-Roman Baths at the Musee National de Moyen Age. I knew it was close but I was stunned when we walked out onto our balcony and looked directly down into the ruins. These date back to somewhere between the 1st-3rd century.

A view across the roof tops.

And one down the street below the apartment.

This was the building across the way. I love the green patina of the roof. When it rained...which was all the time it got even darker.

It rained almost everyday while we were there but it really didn't make a difference. Sometimes it poured...which wasn't often. Sometimes it was just a mist...which seemed to make Paris at night even that much more romantic. Our last night there we walked up to Notre Dame and over the Seine one last time. It was misting and all the lights were reflected in wet streets.

If I could freeze a moment in time and store it in a bottle....standing on a bridge over the Seine in the rain would be one of them. Just like skipping to the last page of a novel and reading the last paragraph. Here is my last picture of Paris.

More Later


Anonymous said...

great photos, thanks for sharing. it's wonderful amazing that those ancient structures are still standing.

Cris Leonard said...

Yes, yes, the Seine, Notre Dame, the romance of it all.... all very nice, but lets see pictures of the important stuff like the purse and the food!

Gail said...

I didn't take pictures of the food...we ate it way to fast to take pictures of it. But I will take a picture of the purse.