Sunday, December 6, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

Yesterday we stopped at the Opera Garnier to get a look at the inside. It is opulent. This opera house is the one around which Phantom of the Opera was written. It was built upon an underground lake. I'll post a pic of the grand staircase when I get home. For now here is a rather spooky wall figurine and a picture of the grand foyer with it's chandelier's and painted ceiling.

We tried to go into Galleries Lafayette and Printemp....two large department stores to look at their decorations....but the crowds were amazing. You had to squeeze and shove your way past people. So we went for a beer instead and will head back on Monday when most people are at work. We did manage to get a few pictures. The first is at the base of their tree and the second is looking straight up at the glass domed ceiling.

Saturday night we wandered into Le Caveau de la Huchette...a jazz bar. The band plays in the basement...or cave. You go down a steep winding staircase into the basement. The building dates back to the 1700's so it was really intersting down there. The place was packed. People were dancing and signing with the band. Two things that are universal across people of all and dancing. Eveyone was having a great time...including us.


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amazing photos!