Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday we walked around the Marais district. Most of the stores and shops there are open on Sunday. I managed to get Lou to buy me a purse :)) It is a combination birthday (May...late on that one), anniversary, and Christmas present. I'll have to take a picture of that and post it later. Mostly we just walked around and took pictures.

There was one shop that had bunny pitchers in the window.

A lonely cafe

There are doors all over Paris. Some of them have great hardware. I told Lou I had to go over and talke a picture of these great knockers.

Monday we went to the Louvre. We walked across the Pont des Arts. It's an old wooden bridge where artists hang out in the summer. I didn't notice until we had walked almost all the way across that there were all these locks on the bridge. Couples write their names on them and lock them in place. When I looked back I saw they were all over the bridge. L'amour!

Apparently the museum workers have been on strike and the Louvre and Versailles have been closed. We didn't know that. Today when we arrived there was a sign that said because of the strike entrance was free. They still had attendants in the know the ones...they watch you to make sure you don't touch anything. So we went through an exhibit of tiger statues from Yemen and strolled through to see some Reubens and Vermeers.

When we left there was a demonstration outside. The police had them all surrounded. We think it had something to do with the Copenhagen climate summit. They were all dressed in green.

I saw something today that I've not seen before...Police on rollerblades. They were skating down the middle of a 4-lane street in the middle of traffic...and they were moving. Impressive.


Katie said...

I'm just loving your photos!! Can't wait to see more when you get home!

Theresa said...

Hello Gail, Just happened to stumble upon your blog thrugh our FB connection. How absolutely grand for you and souse to be spending Christmas in Paris. I hope you are able to post many more pics when yu get home. Bon Chance! Theresa

Valerie A. Heck said...

I love the locks on the bridge and the hardware. Thanks for sharing the photos!