Monday, December 14, 2009

Love Locks

The Pont Des Arts is a wooden pedestrian bridge across the Seine that connects the Institute of France to the Louvre. In the summer it is a place where artists hang out and display their paintings. I noticed this time that there were locks on the bridge. I guess you would call these Love Locks. People write their names, dates, sentiments on them and lock them to the bridge. They then throw the key into the Seine. So romantic.

And if you are wondering...."Ich liebe dich" translates into "I love you".

Now this piece of modern art in the Marais district seems to go along with the Love Locks. Have you ever seen the Cialis commercials...the ones about erectile dysfunction?? I could never understand why the couple is in separate bath tubs in some scenic spot at the end of the commercial. This is how the commercial should end.


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Alice Walkowski said...

Gail, your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday....... sigh. Alice