Saturday, May 23, 2009

So glad the week is over grant went out today. 5 copies...300 pages each. The other one will go out tomorrow and will be of a similar size. It's been a tough couple of weeks getting those together....but I am done with them.

Just one more week before I leave for Bead and Button. It will go fast. Lou is out of town all next week...comes back on Friday night and I leave on Saturday we won't be seeing each other for 2 weeks.

I hope to get some down time this weekend. I have to get my driver's license renewed tomorrow and then get to the post office to submit some pictures for possible publication. My mom is coming up tomorrow for lunch. After that the rest of the weekend is mine....mine....mine I say :))

Copper clay is out there for sale today!!! People will be having fun with it. I really liked putting it to the torch to get those great patinas.


Katie said...

Hope you have a relaxing weekend and a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!!! See you in a week!

Laithia said...

Ooh, Happy Birthday! I hope things slow down for you soon, and have a fabulous time at the show.