Saturday, May 2, 2009

A full work weekend ahead

I'm off to the post office to send a necklace to Canada, then home to do laundry and while that is going I'm into the workshop. I have a few ideas to play with. I worked during the week and I have a couple pieces that came out really nice. I will post them later. Once piece that I am particularly pleased with was based on this for inspiration.....

It's from the Museum of Cylcadic Art The piece is from the Early Bronze II period 2700-2300 BC. Below is a description

Schematic figurine from western Anatolia, representing the human figure in a highly abstract way. It belongs to the so-called "Kusura" type and is strongly reminiscent of Cycladic schematic figurines (especially the spade- and violin-shaped ones) not only because of its material but also because of the flat profile and the overall shape. During the Early Bronze Age, marble was used extensively for the manufacture of figurines of flat profile not only in the Aegean but all over the eastern Mediterranean.

My piece looks nothing like this......but that's the cool part about using something as inspiration. You start out with this shape in mind and end up someplace totally different.

Gotta run...I've have pics later.

Au Revior Bye-Bye

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Katie said...

that's a very cool artifact. It reminds me of some of the stone goddess carvings they have found. Can't wait to see how this inspired you!