Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fluffy Cows and more.....

Close to my Mom's house is a farm that has a couple of Highland cattle on it...or what I refer to as Fluffy Cows. They are so cute....I just want to jump the fence and play with them. But them I would probably end up on the that woman who jumped into the polar bear enclosure in Berlin. Did you see pictures of that? At one point she is swimming towards the polar bears with a smile on her face.....which quickly turned into terror when the 4 bears tried to have a little Fraulein snack.

Here are a few pieces I finished this week.

This is a medallion I made to go with the beads that Ellen Dooley sent me. Her beads and the color of the medallion go together very well. It looks even better in person.

This is a piece I have been thinking about for a long time. Not because the shape is anything unique...but the design is from a ancient Parisii coin. The coin dates make to 2nd century BC when a Celt tribe lived on Ile de la Cite in the middle of the Seine. Here is a picture of the ancient coin.

Here is my pendant....

This piece came out of the kiln with amazing colors. When you fire a load in the kiln, the colors you obtain and their placement is purely chance.....on this piece it was serendipitious.

Last but not least....Sophie wanted to get in on the act. Not happy that I wasn't paying attention to her.....she climbed in my light tent.

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Wendy said...

Your pieces are great BUT Sophie is beautiful! My Leia always hops into my light tent when I set it up.. she just makes her self at home and has a nap!