Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Scribbler" pieces

A while back I posted some pictures that I created on Scribbler. I finally have some finshed pieces that were made with those images. These were all done with tear aways. Take a look.

This is a lentil. An abstract scribble one one side and one of my funky faces on the other.

Another funky face. This one I drew while looking at Sophie's face. The first one is a raised image and the next one is embedded. It was just a matter of using one image as is and inverting the colors for the other.

I call this one the Rasta Heart because it looks like it has dreadlocks.

I threw a few other things in the kiln. When I was at the Louvre last October I bought a souvenir cuniform tablet. Like the one below but in terra cotta. I made a mold of it and used it with the bronze.


Katie said...

These turned out so great!! I'm excited because I'm bringing my Scribbles tomorrow to the demo. This is going to be so fun!!

Anonymous said...

You rock Gail!



~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I really like the Scribbler textures Gail. You should definitely use this technique more. Very unique.

Patricia said...

Whoa! How cool is that, love them all.
What the heck is a tear away?
Thanks for sharing.


Laithia said...

Wow those turned out great! I just love the Sophie one, it's so whimsical.