Monday, August 4, 2008

Another load in the Kiln

I made some HUGE pieces. I'm curious to see if the shrinkage will be any different.

What a busy weekend. It seemed to go fast but it seemed long all at the same time. Can that be possible or it is just me?? Friday night we went to my Mom's house for dinner with my brother and his wife. Nice evening. Typical farm meal....Ham, sweet corn, string beans, cheesy potatoes (that's what Mom calls them) and a zucchini casserole. All the veggies were from the garden. Amazing that Mom has the energy to grow the vegtables and to cook us this great meal. We talked until 10:30 and realized that we had kept Mom up way past her bed time.

Saturday I worked out in the back yard and made progress on cleaning up the flowers beds. I am about 50% done at this point. I'd have it all done by now but there is so much to do on the weekends. I managed to work with the bronze clay for a day and a half. Tomorrow I will pull it out of the kiln.

See you then.

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