Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh the colors.....

Cris had e-mailed me to say that she had gotten the most amazing colors in her last run. I have too. It is amazing. The first firing didn't really give me much. There was more with the second firing and even more with the third firing...all using the same carbon. And the colors are the best in the pieces that are placed in the bottom layer and get lighter in the upper layer.

Below is an image of King Tut. I just can't believe the color. If only we could figure out how to make it permanent. You can already see a few scratches on the surface brings the bronze right up.

I bought an initial stamp from Babette Cox at the PMC conference. Below is a small tag that I attached to the back. You can get your initials or your full name. I like this font. It's little different than what I've seen around.

Same piece just buffed up a bit to bring the shine out on the rasied areas.

OK.....These rings below need a comment. I envision them being earrings...but I have been been teased that these are actually nipple rings. Now just for the record I will not be using these Janet Jackson style. So stop teasing me.....Cris :))

Toggles below...I forgot to maket he toggle bars. I"ll make those today.

When you can take these pebbles from my hand grasshopper...... These look like boulders. They are actuall very small. I had three of them, but while I was sifting through the carbon, I lost one on the back patio. Between the leaves and other things between the rocks that make up the patio...I couldn't find it.

A few pieces below that I've buffed up.

Front and back of the same piece below.

I buffed these pieces up using a three-sided nail buffer with 3 different grits . I learned about these in a class that I took. The teacher commented that we wouldn't be able to get these but we could buy them through her. I've had teachers say that before in classes. An internet search can pretty much find anything. These are Whistler 3-sided nail buffers and can be found at Item number 104329 is the 7 inch size. They also have 3.25 inchers. I decided to order a few up and tried them today. They work quite well on the bronze clay. boyfriend has come to call. I know...I know...I'm a married woman. But he is a big-beefy red head with the most beautiful YELLOW eyes. Meet Bill the Cat. He lives next door but he comes calling every few days. He's such a lover. Here he is on our front step looking for some attention. Who can resist??


Katie said...

My dear, your bronze pieces are absolutely FABULOUS! And I'm sooo jealous as I've not yet been able to work with the bc. I'm drooling over your gorgeous work. :)

Kay (UK) said...

Great work Gail. I particularly like your Egyptian motifs, and the colours are sensational.
I have a huge soft spot for ginger guys, well pretty much anything in fur that meows to be honest. Your BF looks like a lot of fun.

Patricia said...

That bronze clay is beautiful, and so is your work Gail!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Thanks for posting your BC goodies! I haven't had a chance to play yet, but I come to your blog to keep the juices flowing until I do get to it. Maybe this week.

Karen Elmquist said...

Fun stuff girl...especially the nipple rings!!!

sue said...

Very nice - you've been busy! What are you doing about the impermanence of the patina? I've done one small batch of bronze so far, but have done a brushed-ish finish.

Babette said...

Your bronze clay is super-de-duper! Also, big thanks for mentioning the name stamp in your blog, Gail. I appreciate you!

Babette Cox