Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuscon Part II

Below are some pics from the second run of bronze. of the decorative faux rivets fell off. Embelishments on the bronze clay take a bit more effort than silver clay. You really need to use slip and apply pressure.

This piece of clay was really overworked and probably too dry but I was getting tired so I just rolled it out and let it dry over a curved surface. In firing it, it got spots on it that looked like it was eaten away. It feels a little weak when I try to bend it. I am going to throw it in the tumbler to see what happens to it.

On Sunday we just kicked back and enjoyed the day. "We can dance if we want to...we can leave our cares behind"

We went to lunch down on 4th Avenue and looked through the antique furniture stores in The Lost Barrios. I took some pictures of flowers. These have to be hardy to grow in this climate. The desert just sucks the fluids right out of your body.

And here are a few more desert flowers.........

What a great weekend.....Thanks Girls!!!!!!


Cristina Leonard said...

Earrings?????? Don't lie. Tell us what they really are!

meesh said...

looks like you had fun!

i was thinking of you all drinking wine and swimming and making cool shit.

miss you cute friend!