Friday, August 22, 2008

I know....

it's been days since I blogged. Ya'll are wondering....why don't she write. I've been busy at work doing next year's budget. My department has a $6 million plus budget. It would be easy if it were just one account for $6 mil. But it's ~100 accounts. Some are grants, some are internal funds. The hard part is that I have to project how much will be spent on each account, which is crazy because I don't control the spend on the grants. So I take my best guess and hope that I'm close.

Went out to dinner with my Mom, brothers, significant others on Tuesday. That was nice. That's because we didn't discuss politics :)

I've been working with bronze the last two nights. Nothing in the kiln yet. Right now it's just mud...that's my term for unfired bronze. I've been making up my own terms...mud for unfired clay. The faux riveted straps I like to put on pieces I have been calling strap patches. I'll probably get the kiln running tomorrow night. I have a little bit to finish off.

Lou reminded me that we have only 5 weeks before we go to Paris. OMG!! I need to start going through the Rosetta Stone for French to brush up on the 5 words that I know, but the flight is booked and the apartment is paid for. WOW...2 weeks off. Lou is concerned about what we will do for 2 far as I'm concerned...anything we want. Last year we had only 6 days on the ground and it was a sprint to get around the city to see things .... quickly. ... and then move on to the next stop. This time we can be a little more leisurely about it. And if we should possible get bored....there is the high speed train to Brussels or London. My guess is that those 2 weeks are going to fly by.

I'll post some pics over the weekend.

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